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Ash Set 2



Set for classical and acoustic guitar Ash 2.

Seasoned for 10 years


The ash is a tree that belongs to the Oleaceae family, which groups about twenty genera including more than 500 species; its name in Latin is Fraxinus.
In nature we find 3 species of ash; the fraxinus ornus (or manna orniello), the fraxinus excelsior (or greater or common) and finally the fraxinus oxycarpa.

The common ash is a tree that is present throughout Europe, but also in Western Asia up to Afghanistan and in north-western Africa; its shrubs reach 35 meters in height, with little branchy and light foliage, with a straight and cylindrical stem, without branches even up to 20 meters in height.

Ash wood has the main characteristic of being very elastic and flexible, making it the most robust and resistant of the woods produced in Europe.

It has a golden white color, with a silky sheen and slightly greasy to the touch.

It is used in carpentry, in the manufacture of skis, tennis rackets, propellers for airplanes, gardening tools, furniture, handles for tools, such as hammers and musical instruments.