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A history spanning over 100 years

The Mauri company, present on the market since the early 1900s, has given way to Filbo which was founded in 1985.
The dynamism of its founders as well as of its successors, eager to maintain and continue the long tradition of high-level craftsmanship, allows it to claim to be the leading company in the production of Bindings and Wooden inlays made exclusively with NATURAL WOODS.

The warehouse of fine woods is another flagship of the company, as well as the special wood processing that we perform on specific request.

A Quality Choice

The guarantee of craftsmanship and the use of the best essences of precious woods, imported directly from the countries of origin, allows us to offer products that are exclusive in design and of superior quality in the raw material used.

The only ones in the world to be able to boast more than 1,000 different items of NATURAL wooden inlays in the catalog, we also fulfill drawings on request.

The distribution of the product is through direct contact with the customer; this allows us to evaluate together the best solution to different needs.

The well-stocked warehouse guarantees prompt delivery for some products and in any case the delivery time, even for large quantities, does not exceed the month from order confirmation.

Our wooden inlays are supplied packed at 50 mtl. , 0.6 mm thick. and already divided meter by meter.

It is possible to produce them in other thicknesses on specific request and with a minimum quantity that varies depending on the thickness.