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Our specialty

Exotic and customized slabs woods

The Mauri company, present on the market since the early 1900s, has given way to Filbo snc. The founders of this prestigious company as well as the successors have always maintained an artisan tradition of production. The guarantee of a high-level artisan production and the use of the best essences of precious woods, allows us to claim to be the leading company in the production of wooden inlays and bindings made exclusively with NATURAL WOODS.

We import wood directly from the countries of origin, which are then naturally seasoned in our warehouses for years, depending on the type of wood. This guarantees the customer an immediate use of wood. These woods are then used for the production of wooden inlays and bindings, both for the production and cutting of guitar sets and various accessories, and for cutting for restoration.

Slabs for restoration

We have all the woods for restoration such as Ebenaceae, Dalbergie of various types, and all the extremely precious woods used by restorers. We also perform cuts on request, starting from 2 mm. forward. Our production also includes bindings for restoration and thick wooden inlays on specific design.

Wood for musical instruments

We have all the woods for lutherie, which we sell either on the table or trunk, both customized cut , and in ready-made guitar sets. Our woods for lutherie are seasoned for an average of 10 years, up to 40 years for some types.

Our production includes a wide range of sets for acoustic and classical guitars, fingerboards for classical and acoustic guitars, bridges, head veneers, necks, bindings and rosettes for guitar.

We produce body and necks for basses on request. We can also produce customized bindings for lutherie .