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Wooden Inlays and Bindings

We present our collection of 800 items of natural wood wooden inlays and bindings that are used in furniture beautification, restoration, musical instruments, and objects.

Our natural wooden inlays are produced entirely by hand, combining various types of NATURAL blank wood with the mosaic system. Its complex processing and gluing work are performed by highly specialized craftsmen with years of work experience.

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Product description

• The patterns inside the wooden inlays are always geometric, without waves and / or curves. Measurements vary depending on the design.

• The standard thickness of the wooden inlays is 0.6 mm. On request we also produce in other thicknesses.

• The minimum production quantity depends on the required thickness.

• Each pack of wooden edges is made up of mtl. 50 (length 103 cm), the minimum quantity for the bindings is mtl. 100.