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National Cherry Set 191.19



Set for classical and acoustic guitar National Cherry 191.19.

Seasoned for 25 years.

Scientific name: Prunus Avium


Also called Cherry bird cherry tree or wild cherry is a tree belonging to the Rosaceae family, native to Europe.

In Italy it is naturally present from the high-hill areas up to the mountainous ones, sometimes on the border of the typical area of broad-leaved trees, presenting a good resistance to cold.

The cherry wood is of sought-after quality for its commercial value, it is a light to yellowish pinkish brown wood.

It is sought after by the furniture industry, both in logs and beams (stylish furniture and chairs). This use requires trees with a beautiful conformation. The importance of this question for the carpentry marginalizes the other uses of wood (sculpture, turning). As a rule, botanical varieties grown for this purpose are preferred for use as commercial wood.

Cherry offers a wood with good mechanical properties (resistance to compression, traction or bending) and good appearance; however, it presents the ease of drying,

The very hard-wearing red-brown wood is also used to make musical instruments.