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Wenghè set 159.19



Set for classical and acoustic guitar Wenghè 159.19

Seasoned for 10 years.

Scientific name: Milletia Laurentii

Wengé is a tree from tropical Africa, from Mozambique to the middle Congo basin. Wenge wood has highly differentiated sapwood and heartwood: the sapwood can be up to 3 centimeters wide and is almost white in color while the heartwood can vary from golden brown to dark brown with black veins. There may also be small yellowish streaks due to the presence of minerals in the woody structure. Wengè is an extraordinarily decorative wood. Wengè wood is very heavy, with little shrinkage. Thanks to these characteristics, Wengè has remarkable durability qualities. Wengè has found, in recent times, wide use not only in the production of parquet and wooden floors but also in the creation of modern furniture and furnishings.