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Rio or Brazilian Rosewood Set 149.18


Set for classical and acoustic guitar Rio or Brazilian Rosewood 149.18

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Seasoned for 40 years


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Scientific name: Dalbergia Nigra

Dalbergia nigra is a tree in the Fabaceae family, known as Brazilian rosewood. It can also be encountered under the names of Rio rosewood or Bahia rosewood. The wood of this rosewood is particularly valuable, so much so that it has brought the plant to a guard level. It lives only in Southeast Brazil, from the forests of Bahia to Rio de Janeiro. The use of wood is currently limited as it is a protected species included in the CITES lists. Like other rosewoods, it is used in the construction of fine floors and furniture, for veneers and in cabinet making. Scraps can be used for tool handles, chessboards and more. In the manufacture of musical instruments, Brazilian rosewood is prized for percussion instruments, keyboards and other parts of chordophones, especially for guitar backs and sides.