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Eucalyptus set 42.03



Set for classical and acoustic guitar Eucalyptus 42.03

Seasoned for 10 years


Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree plant native to Australia and Tasmania. It prefers temperate climates. In its original habitat it can even exceed 100 meters, while in Italy it does not exceed 20 meters. The eucalyptus has about 600 different species, its botanical name is Eucalyptus globulus and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The trunk of the tree has a smooth gray bark.

Eucalyptus is actually only one of three very similar and close genera that are often confused. The others are called Corymbia and Angophora.

Some of these are nicknamed “rubber trees” due to the latex that comes out if their bark is cut into. The name eucalyptus comes from the Greek and means "well hidden" with reference to the fact that the petals initially hide the center of the flower.

It is used in carpentry and musical instruments.