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Ebony Gabon Set 127.21



Set for classical and acoustic guitar Ebony Gabon 127.21

Seasoned for 25 years

Ebony is a hard, compact and dark wood that is obtained from different species of trees of the genus Diospyros, of the Ebenaceae family.

The most valuable quality, due to its black color and its very fine grain, is given by Diospyros Ebenum.

Most of the ebony varieties have a specific weight higher than 1000 kg / m3, making it one of the densest woods. It is a very precious black wood, hard and heavy, resistant to bad weather and mold.

It is used for particularly demanding applications, from fine carpentry and fine furniture, to sculptures, furnishings, luxury upholstery, musical instruments, chess. macassar: it is one of the main essences for the construction of wind instruments of the wood group (oboes, flutes, especially those dating back to the Baroque period, clarinets), piano keys, keyboards of chordophones instruments such as guitar and violin.