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Amaranth set 26.19



Set for classical and acoustic guitar 26.19.

Seasoned for 30 years.

Scientific names:

Peltogyne venosa, Peltogyne pubescens, Peltogyne confertflora, Peltogyne paninculata, Peltogyne purpurea, Peltogyne porphyrocardia.


Tropical America from Mexico to the Amazon and southern Brazil.

The sapwood is whitish in color, the heartwood in fresh wood is gray-brown and with aging it takes on a purple color. The texture is fine and medium with a grain that has streaks due to the controfilo.

Main uses

It is a particularly valuable wood, useful for fine cabinet-making works, turned objects, floors, and decorations. It is also suitable for shipbuilding and musical instruments.



It is easy to work with except for some difficulties in the shank. It is easy to paint and a good gloss can be achieved with the necessary planing. The glue and nails hold well even if they require preliminary drilling.